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April 27-28, 2021
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
Dallas, TX

Presentation: Utilising Digital Tools to Improve Passenger Experience

  • Monday, November 01, 2021:3:55 PM - 4:15 PM


In the good times (a.k.a. pre-Covid), new technology adoption and implementation lacked urgency. Touchless solutions were nice-to-haves to help improve efficiency, but they weren’t high priority. Artificial intelligence and machine learning were buzzwords that needed business cases. And collaboration and tech integration among companies to simplify the traveler experience were well-intentioned, but rarely treated as essential. Enter a global pandemic that forever changes the world, and technology becomes a catalyst for recovery in travel. Touchless experiences are now everywhere, AI and ML are the core of speedy customer service responses, and travel and tech leaders integrated key solutions in record time. But what’s next? Joelle will cover how in today’s digital economy passenger experience can be elevated as it increasingly becomes a catalyst for new business models and a driver for operational efficiency. This talk will explore how to assesses the latest digital tools to create passenger experiences that will help the aviation sector to rebuild better than ever.

    Joelle Cuvelier
    Head of Airline Solutions & Delivery, Americas