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April 27-28, 2021
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
Dallas, TX

Scott Loescher

AvSight Aviation Software


Scott Loescher is the Founder and CEO of AvSight Aviation Software Platform. He has been designing and implementing enterprise software solutions for corporate IT departments for over 25 years. Prior to founding AvSight, Loescher spent 17 years as CIO at two of the largest aerospace parts and MRO companies in the US, ensuring that technology and business goals were aligned and working efficiently. During his tenure, he was involved in and responsible for many projects including custom-built solutions and ERP systems, direct Customer and Vendor integrations, and building effective teams and strategies.Experiencing the frustrations of using outdated aviation software that didn’t keep up with other advances in technology, inspired Loescher to launch a different kind of aviation technology company. That company, AvSight, builds off of Loescher’s extensive knowledge of aviation technology, and focuses on making life easier for companies in the aviation aftermarket sector by providing a user-friendly platform focused on digitizing and automating time consuming and redundant tasks. They continue to disrupt the aviation software industry by regularly releasing advanced functionality and user requested integrations, as well as, consistently growing their user base.Loescher is excited to share his insights into how smart use of technology can help aviation companies to improve their efficiency and profitability.